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The podiatrists at Kanawha Valley Foot & Ankle Associates are experienced doctors who focus on treating feet and ankles. Dr. Michael Noto and Dr. Stacey Smith treat both children and adults in Lincoln County, WV, for foot and ankle injuries and for conditions such as fractures, sprains, toenail issues, calluses and corns. Both of our foot doctors create a personalized treatment plan to address our patients’ injuries and pain and help them find relief. Foot pain can have a huge impact on a patient’s lifestyle by limiting mobility. We offer on-site arterial testing, 3D orthotic casting, foot and ankle surgery and more at our foot and ankle clinic to accurately treat our patients.

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Patients from Hamlin, WV, need not continue to suffer in pain and discomfort. Please call us at (304) 727-9200 to ask questions or to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist near you. We are conveniently located at 105 6th Ave in St. Albans, WV, and our clinic hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For new podiatry patients, please download our patient forms before your first appointment.

Our Podiatry Services for Lincoln County Include, But are Not Limited to:

Foot Problems in West Hamlin Can be Traced to Different Conditions

Common foot and ankle problems can stem from many different things, including improper shoes, arthritis, stress, genetics, and bacterial, viral, or fungal conditions. Foot and ankle pain or injury can have a devastating effect on our quality of life. Without the ability to walk pain free many in West Hamlin, WV, may find themselves isolated and unable to participate in daily activities.

Commonly Treated Foot and Ankle Disorders in Lincoln County, WV

Kanawha Valley Foot & Ankle Associates, PLLC, treats a variety of foot and ankle disorders, including:

Hammertoe: Toe(s) bends in a claw-like position due to muscle imbalance Bunions: Misaligned big toe joints that can become swollen and tender, causing the first joint of the big toe to slant outward, and the second joint to angle toward the other toes Heel Spurs: Growths of bone on the underside, forepart of the heel bone

Ingrown Toenails: Occurs when sides or corners of toenails dig painfully into the skin

Neuromas: Enlarged, benign growths of nerves, most commonly between the third and fourth toes. Tissue rubbing against and irritating the nerves, pressure from poorly fitted shoes or abnormal bone structure can lead to neuromas. Treatments include shoe inserts and/or cortisone injections, but may require surgery

Sesamoiditis: Inflammation or fracture of the two small bones, called sesamoids, under the first metatarsal bones. Wearing proper shoes or orthotics may help

Shin Splints: Pain to either side of the leg bone, caused by muscle or tendon inflammation. It is commonly related to excessive foot pronation or a collapsing arch but shin splints may be related to a muscle imbalance between opposing muscle groups in the leg. Proper stretching and wearing shoe inserts to support the arch can help prevent shin splints

Stress Fractures: Incomplete cracks in bone caused by overuse. Without proper rest, stress fractures may become complete fractures, which require more intensive care

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